Our Programs


Since 2007 Trinity International Autism Foundation - UG  has a big number of projects that are being carried on and many others that have been done.

Bellow are some of the projects.


1. Trinity International's Autism support Program


    We have for time been trying our best to identify children affected by autism in Uganda and we visit many families, Register them, Counsel the parents and the children, and if we can we shelter some of them.


    On a sad Note the biggest number of familes with children affected by autism in Uganda lie under the greatest poverty to even afford a nutritiaus meal a day, Many have one meal a day and others eat very poorly, However under this program we identify families that are mostly in need and we for once provide food unto them. But this is a demanding program that we cant manage by our selves and need assistance.


Some of the children we are supporting are left in compounds some times in the sun or rain for a day with out the care of the guardians of what they are to feed on. Others are deliberately denied food to eat because the parents feel its a waste baring an autistic child.


Many of these children are the ones we support in this program, when we have the food to go out and provide to them.



Like Andrew Above, We found him alone at home, the Mother of 63 years away to go work for other people as a causual labour to raise what she and him can feed on yet he oftenly gets sick yet they cant afford taking him for the neccessary medication. Its our appeal you join us to support such children.

Bellow is a facebook video of how we found Andrew




Julius urbandoned by the parents to his Aunt of 50 years that too openely told us if we can take julius we can have him but could not afford to support him at all with any feeding, clothing nor medical support after the parents urbandoned him to her. She too locks him outside the house and goes to raise some work to support her own normal children's needs. we found julius in the nearby bush sheltering himself from the sun. He too is among the children we support.

Bellow is a Facebook video of how we found Julius



Oliver after the death of his father, her mother was left with other 6 normal children, she has to work so hard to take care of but many times they go with out food at home, The mother is jobless and unless she is assisted, even herself, she has less care for her daughter. In a very dirty T. shirt we found olivia which she seemed to having had on for the past 1 month because it was smelling as you can see, Yet her mother is present but cares not at all.

Bellow is a facebook video of how we found Olivia



Behold Ireen that was rejected from over 3 schools because she is Autistic and disabled. School officials would say she needs alot of special care that they dont have time for. Ireen's Bones break any time she falls down for they are like glass. Today she says at home with her mother helpless of what to do yet she would really love to be in school.


Below is a video that shows how she helps herself and moves and where they prepared for her to spend her free time.




Once more here is Kalumba Mustafa, In his autistic nature, 7 years old, has never even seen a black board, but want s to be in school though there no schools for children with disabilities like him, His hands cant tourch proper, he has retarded growth. Comes from a very poor family that stays in a slum. 




Please take some time to see more of stories and Profiles of more children in the You Tube Links below
















Its my appeal to anyone that can donate to our foundation anything that can help us get back to support these children and more that are over 100 in the community outreach programs we have so that there is hope to these autistic families.


2. Trinity International's Educational Project


Here,Trinity international was able to start up an Educational Project since 2008 through which it has been able to Volunterly extend free Computer Educational to the Unprevilleged disadvantaged Orphaned Children and local community.



Since the project started, it has managed to register a big number of beneficiaries and atleast a number of 90 children have acquired computer education and got certified at the end of their examinations and tests in computer Managment.


More so besides the Trainning, we also managed to start up an Internet Cafe  through which the local community is able to access communication with the globe through the same project.


Due to lack of support, we have not gone beyond this level because Computers break down and we havent enough funds to buy new ones nor enough money to pay for the elctricity bills nor internet bills hence we some times have to have the place closed.


3. Trinity International's Scholarship scheme


    Since we started projects in Uganda, We have registered over 180 children that are under different categories such as the Autistic, Orphans, Vulnerable and unprevilleged children that all do need education but cant afford to have it unless assisted. So we have a database of over 180 registered children that need sponsors so that they can make it in school.


4.   Trinity International Productions

    Its through this that Trinity International is trying to uplift different children and individuals' Talents through Music Dance and Drama. Still under the same program we want to start up a Radio and Tv station where children and Adults views, Talents and other educational programs  shall be broadcasted.


5. Trinity International's Dental support Program

    We are looking for the neccessary needs to see to it that the dental part of life of our communities is taken care of. many Autistic children and their families themselves are having many dental problems and really need help.